You're welcome to be part of our successful and inclusive Club. As well as discounted rates for new members, we offer free coaching lessons from experts at the start of each summer season, and seminars throughout the season.

Summer season subscriptions (Sept –April) 2017-18 season

Category                                                                                  Amount                     If paid by 31 October 2017

Full Member                                                            $250                          $230

Associate Member                                               $180                          $160

80+                                                                               $180                          $160

Beneficiary (non super-annuitants)              $220                          $200

New to Croquet Member                                  $200                           $180

Full-time Tertiary Student                                 $180                            $160

Full-time Student up to 18                                 $45*                            N/A

Keys                                                                             $20                              N/A

Year Book (Full version)                                       $15                              N/A


Winter season subscriptions (May - Sept) 2017.   Rates for 2018 to be advised.

$60 for the full winter season

$3 per session to a maximum of $6.00 per week

** Reduced rate applies if paid within one month of joining

* May be increased to reflect changes in NZ Croquet and WCA levies

All prices are in New Zealand dollars and include GST.

please contact us about more information 

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