Incorporated in 1918 and officially opened by the then-Mayor in October 1919, we’re one of the oldest clubs in New Zealand. We continue to be one of the most successful, with several top-ranked players and talented new recruits in both AC and GC.  Seven of our members  competed in last year’s WCF AC World Championships. Currently, more than 10% of our players are nationally ranked and we’re proud of the inclusive way they readily share their skills with other Club members. It’s what makes our Club special and helps new players feel even more welcome. 2019 - 2020 is our Centenary year, with main events planned for 14 & 15 March. If you’re a past member who would like to attend please contact us via

Golf and Association Croquet

Members can choose to play either Golf or Association Croquet, or both. Most of our beginners choose to start playing golf croquet and many go on to play Association.

What’s provided?

The Club provides free lessons for beginners, and mallets for members and beginners, as well as all balls and hoops. Dress code is  casual. The only requirement is that flat-soled shoes are  worn on lawns.

Golf croquet playing week

Summer club play is Saturdays and Sundays from 9.30am to 12.30pm, and Mondays & Thursdays from 10am to 1pm, from September to April.

Winter club play  begins in May on the same days, starting from 10am.

Association croquet playing week

Summer and winter club play is on Saturdays and Sundays from 1pm onwards, and Wednesdays from 10am.

At all other days and times, unless tournaments, schools tuition or 'Have a Go' events are happening, lawns are available for member-arranged games and practise.